River & Sea Handmade

Artisan Jewelry by Tevin Hedstrom

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Ever since I was young, I have loved rocks and gems. Digging through the bins at souvenir shops was such a thrill… to find the few in the thousands that spoke to me, each placed carefully in a drawstring bag, to bring home to remind me of my trips. 


That love for stones and rocks carried through to my adult life, always picking up stones where ever I went. In 2015, I started making drilled sea glass jewelry after a trip to the ocean, enamored by its beauty and simplicity. River & Sea was born. Soon after, I started researching classes to learn metalsmithing.

My entire life, up until that point, I was trying to find my passion. I found it in metalsmithing. It is quite the thrill to see designs come to life in such an organic way: fire to metal. After taking one course to learn the basics, I dove in head first into teaching myself how to do more, and learning as much as I could. After a short break to accommodate moving and having a baby, I picked the torch back up, and finally embraced my calling, and began to challenge myself in ways that I never knew possible.

Inspired by nature, mythology, fables, and fantasy, all of my pieces are one of a kind, no two ever exactly the same. Each piece starts as a sheet of silver, and elements are drawn, sawn and soldered together. Using high quality stones, and made with love, I am honored to make beautiful adornments in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

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