Frequently asked questions

Jewelry Care

Really, what it boils down to is: Use common sense. Stones have different hardness levels that make some stones more suseptible to color change or damage with misuse. Details, patinas, and finishes can all be altered or damaged with misuse. Please remove all jewelry before wet or strenuous activity, including, but not limited to: washing hands or dishes, yard work, applying skin care products, etc. Avoid all commercial brand cleaners. Do not submerge your jewelry in this type of solution, it *COULD* damage the stone beyond repair Patinas and oxidation of metals is a normal, and natural thing. Oxidation can be cleaned using a simple polishing cloth, a small sample is provided with your purchase. Please note that this can sometimes remove the patina that was applied as part of a design aesthetic. If this happens, contact me, and I can reapply patina and repolish for a small fee.


Please contact me via email if a repair is required with a description of the repair needed, what caused the damage, and pictures of the problem. Please note that I may be able to repair or replace defective product, but only if the damage has happened with good care of the piece and normal wear and tear. Cost and timeline for completed repairs will be determined on a case by case basis.

Where do you source your materials?

I get my materials through a number of sources. I purchase my silver and metals from a well known distributor in the metalsmithing community, who have been in business for many years. Typically, with my stones, I try to purchase from lapidary artists (stone cutters) who are selling their own work. I also find a very cool material, man made and natural, that I purchase from curators. I aim to always use quality, and ethically sourced materials, regardless of their origin. The materials that I use will be fully disclosed on all listings to the best of my knowledge.

Can your rings be resized?

Typically, no. Unless an item is made to order, the ring itself has already been made. In order to preserve the original design, it is nearly impossible to remove the stone, disassemble and remake without compromising the original design and the integrity of the piece. In some cases, I am able to size the rings up to a half size, but that honestly depends on the ring. Please double check your ring size before purchasing.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do! I offer payment plans for custom, ready-to-ship, and made-to-order pieces where the subtotal is $100+. Please send me an email if this is an option that you might like to consider. Please note: There is a requirement of 15% down for me to start a custom project. The balance may then be paid off in payments. Please contact me BEFORE I start work to set up a payment plan!