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Moldavite Shield Ring {size 9.5} | Armor Collection Pt. 1


Moldavite Shield Ring {size 9.5} | Armor Collection Pt. 1


Handcrafted from solid .925 sterling silver, this hand stamped shield houses a moldavite stone. Moldavite is a powerful stone, formed from a violont meteor collision millions of years ago. As the meteor collided with earth, the minerals were thrown into the air, immediately vaporized to liquid. As it returned to the earth, it cooled rapidly, causing it to have unusual formations, and sometimes small air bubbles. 


Each side has a small skull on the side, and a unique, open band. 


This ring sits at a 9.5 on the mandral, but may fit a touch smaller due to the band. However, I think this one fits true to size. 


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