If you have ever ordered from me before, you may remember the little jar of lavender and cedar that I send with a coal to burn. Lavender and cedar is a cleansing blend, and here is a new and improved blend of it! 


Mixed in house, this is a wonderful blend of lavender, cedar, spearmint, allspice, myrrh, vanilla, and a hint of pachouli. This is a loose leaf incense, so it will require hookah coals and a heat safe surface to burn. 


You will get a tin with 1 oz herb blend. If you need coals, please select the bundle option. I do not make any money on the coals, I only sell them for what I pay. I offer it only as a convenience so that you don't have to order them seperately!


How do I burn it?

Burning it is easy! Once you have your heat safe space ready, use tongs to hold the coal, and light it with a lighter. The coals that I have listed in the shop are self igniting, so once it starts to ignite, the whole thing should. 


Place it on your heat safe surface, and wait for a few minutes until grey ash start to form around the outer edge. Sprinkle some of the loose herbs on top, and enjoy the smell! I suggest putting this room incense somewhere up high, the smell is the best when you're not standing right over it. 


PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE WHEN USING THE COALS! They are smoldering, after all. The coals will burn through in about an hour, so please don't leave this stuff unattended. If you need a smaller portion, I have broken the coals up and used smaller pieces before. It works if you just want a little bit of it. Please extinguish the coal before you leave it burning unattended. 

Ritual Incense : House Blend of Lavender and Cedar