From Vaeson, words by Johan Egerkrans:

“The Nordic countryside is dominated by the deep, dark forests, and over it’s silent, green expanse, the wood wife rules supreme. She is indisputably part of the forest - and perhaps it is part of her - and she can take the form of a tree, a moss-covered rock, or an animal.

In her more human form, the wood wife sometimes appears as an old troll woman with long, drooping breasts which she is in the habit of throwing over her back to keep them out of the way. More commonly, however, she appears in the guise of a very beautiful woman. But there is always something not quite right about her, however fair she may look. Her skin can have a greenish glow, and her back can be covered with bark, or hollowed-out like a decaying tree trunk. At other times, she has a tail or the hooves of a goat.”

This hand was sawn out of sheet metal, and then carefully textured to bring out depth and detail. Adorned with cast fern and moon.

Hangs from an 18” Sterling Silver Chain. One of a kind.

Wood Wife: Fern


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